// Telecommunication

Assisting With
Technical Support

We support our customers to manage end to end telecommunication project, solution and service deliverables; Mobile Network, Application and Analytics, IP/Optical Network, NPO and Fixed Network groups

We help customers execute all RFP/RFI project management processes, and coordinate due diligence operations such as approval gates, offer submission and documentation. We establish relationship with stakeholders to ensure timely project requirement readiness, and alignment with internal control process

We coordinate and reconcile the RFP/RFI documents interpreting the various requirements for each team; providing them with clear assignment of responsibilities (RACI) with timelines

We prepare and
coordinate rollout
due diligence
activities; and
share all RFP
documents &
templates in line
with each organization

We contribute to development and communication of the RFP strategy to project teams, driving relevant key stakeholder meetings such as kick-off meetings, requirement review meetings, offer strategy and solution sign-off meetings

We help our customers with product clarification process management, collection of input from solution specialist to perform the end to end risk assessment. Support requirement gate preparation and approvals: approval template input coordination. Review and documentation of RFP/RFI documents

We assist in solutions and services requirement management, ensuring consistency in overall RFP requirements – RFP requirement documentation storage and granting required document access to project team

We provide update on project status meetings and timely communication of project progress, critical items, risks log tracking. We support in coordination during product negotiation and gate approval to ensure effective handover of final solution

We coordinate the Win/Loss analysis and sharing of Lessons Learnt, after bid project conclusion, support management of pre-sales Risk Orders/opportunities where relevant

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