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We Are
Vendor Agnostics

NASCI offers vast solution offerings specific to the unique needs of Public Sector institutions on Municipal and Provincial level.

At our disposal are Public Sector specialists focusing solely on this vertical who understand the challenges and needs at every level and topic. These resources are utilized as an add-value consultation service to provide up-to-date information and solutions being utilized today.

Being vendor agnostic, we are able to present product solutions from every major IT vendor along with access to government pricing as well as direct contact to dedicated vendor representatives and technical support teams to design, build and support any solution.

A wide variety of service offerings exist to support and enhance existing IT staff. At times of unexpected unavailability such as sick leave or even planned vacation time, NASCI can fill in service gaps eliminating the issues of support delays or added expense of redundant personnel.

Equipped to
build and support
any solution

NASCI is equipped to assist with projects, migrations or equipment moves by supplying a surge of personnel to facilitate heavy work load for temporary projects. Whatever the need, we are able to assist with products, services and expertise.

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