// Managed IT Services

We are your IT Team

Managed IT services is a cost-effective way to manage your IT systems, infrastructure and software by outsourcing key IT operations and avoiding hiring full-time IT staff to run your business

As an MSP for companies with complex and dynamic infrastructures, NASCI can take care of all your IT components within a range of services from daily service availability, monitoring and management to long-term optimization and evolution.

We outline a sample set of IT components as it will be individual for each company’s infrastructure and IT assets. We manage all IT components from hardware, software, networks, data storage, security tools, software development infrastructures and projects



• Desktops
• Laptops
• Mobile devices
• IoT devices


• Switches
• Routers
• Wireless access points
• Modems
• Hubs
• Servers


• Custom applications
• SaaS applications
• Cloud applications

Security Tools

• Network Security Monitoring tools
• Antivirus
• Firewalls

Data Storage

• Data lakes
• Databases
• Data warehouses
• Cloud data storage

Software Development Infrastructure

• Dependency management systems
• Development and testing environments
• CI/CD pipeline
• Containerization tools

Managed IT Services Scope

We plan a scope of managed IT services specifically for each client. We can take care of all IT operations within your company. Also, we support co-managed cooperation and can share responsibilities with your internal IT infrastructure department or other IT services vendors around your team.

IT Infrastructure assessment
• Analysis of the IT infrastructure state with the focus on scalability, operational efficiency, and security.
• IT infrastructure optimization roadmap with tactical solutions to identified problems.
• IT infrastructure cost optimization.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring 24/7
• Configuration of tools for infrastructure monitoring, alerting and corrections
• Reporting on the availability, uptime and response time of every infrastructure node.
• Troubleshooting to maintain the infrastructure productivity.
• Outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC).
IT Infrastructure Administration
• User administration, regular software configuration and updates.
• Management of servers, network, cloud and on-premises data centers, and cloud services.
• Virtual desktop administration.
• Vulnerability assessment.
• Regular compliance review (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, FDA, etc.) and reporting.
Managed Application Services
• Application monitoring with a focus on critical metrics, like application availability and response time.
• Application troubleshooting and uptime.
• Application modernization (including application re-engineering, re-architecting, redesign).
• Application evolution with continuous delivery of new features and design experiments.
Cloud Management
• AWS, Azure and multi-cloud infrastructure management.
• Deployment of cloud infrastructures.
• Applications and data migration to the cloud.
• Cloud monitoring and optimization.
IT Support Desk
• L1 support desk – resolution of user issues.
• L2 support desk – resolution of technical issues that don’t require code changes.
• L3 support desk – resolution of technical issues at the code level.
Managed DevOps
• Deployment of CI/CD pipeline
• Implementation of a containerization strategy (based on Kubernetes or Apache Mesos).
• Implementation of test automation.
• Design of an automated monitoring solution.
Managed Security
• Security audits.
• Vulnerability assessment.
• Penetration testing.
• Compliance program planning/assessment.

We ensure service transparency and create trust by documenting and signing an SLA document describing the services that will be delivered, the terms, and the KPIs set to make the operations seamless.

We are always available 24/7 for your infrastructure health check and monitoring to ensure uptime. Commonly, we need max 8 hours to make urgent fixes and 1 day – 2 weeks to deliver new system functionalities.

According to your specific needs and preferences, we agree on the best ways and frequency of our communication (tools, level of detail, timing). If your team is non-English-speaking, we are likely to provide a contact person for your language. Generally, we provide services in English and French.

When working in the co-managed cooperation mode, we organize the transfer of knowledge to your architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, database administrators, and security administrators.