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Amid current health and humanitarian emergencies, now is the time for healthcare leaders worldwide to rapidly assess and respond to fast-changing developments and the ensuing impact on their people, customers, and organizations.

Healthcare IT leaders should make rapid decisions and take immediate actions using the innovative approaches and capabilities of managed IT services for healthcare to ensure critical business operations continuity.

Whether you need an interactive patient portal, an advanced health tracker, or a feature-rich analytics solution with powerful cloud capabilities and more, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Hands-on experience with HIPAAand 
  • Quality management system for medical device software and software as a medical device proven by ISO 13485
  • Microsoft Partner with 9 Gold Competencies,including Datacenter, Data Analytics, Application Integration.
  • Ensuring the ease of use of
  • Boosting growth and managing risk
  • Optimizing workflow process
  • Authorized AWS Solution Provider
  • Experience with thestandards of National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) concerning electronic information exchange (e.g., NCPDP D.0).

Solutions We Offer

Client Management
Enables you to manage your clients easily; in one system. View E-Records, charting, notes, before and after photos, purchase history invoices, outstanding balances and services remaining, all within a single client profile. Part of the overall Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionality of NASCI.
Reputation and Reviews Management
Our comprehensive medical spa review management systems help you gain insights on your customer satisfaction directly from your clients, and share positive reviews online. Powerful landing pages provide you an online booker and enhanced functionality to your website, or an instant web presence.
Grow your customer relationships and keep them coming back with loyalty points and benefits based on customer spend. Track and reward your best and most promising customers with our medspa client software. Offer gift cards for purchase or reward. Establish sticky ongoing customer relationships with customizable subscription plans.
E-prescribing allows medical professionals to send prescription information to pharmacies electronically. Many states have passed or introduced E-Prescribing mandates which have impacted the aesthetics industry while directly affecting providers that prescribe controlled drugs to their patients. E-Prescribe safely allows medical professionals to prescribe all types of medications to patients while reducing errors and increasing efficiency. E-Prescribe is secure, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, and works on any device.
Service Management, Scheduling, and Online Booking
Have clients, both existing and new, with our advanced medspa appointment booking software book online. Schedule and track all your appointments by provider, room and equipment. Map resources to services for fast and efficient scheduling and resource management. View and update appointment confirmations or use our automated email confirmation tool. Workflow triggered processes can prompt creation of E-Records or EMRs at the time an appointment is created for better workflow and customer experience. Enhanced customer experience by utilizing our client tools and allowing your client self-service access to digital booker to schedule appointments, review invoices, appointment and purchase history, make a payment to an outstanding balance (merchant integration required), and update contact information. The client can even fill out digital medical forms from anywhere.
Merchant Services and Point of Sale (POS)
A point of sale (POS) solution that enables secure payment collection, NASCI is PCI compliant and allows you to seamlessly invoice clients for services scheduled and provided. Purchase products using our UPC scanner compatible check-out process. Create and run auto billed subscriptions to optimize your revenue stream. Track the profitability of products and services purchased, as well as staff member sales instantly with our numerous reports. Merchant Services Payment Processing with inbuilt credit card and gift card processing means that once you turn on NASCI, you're in business. With just a few simple steps, NASCI can help you establish an account with one of our trusted, merchant service partners. Collect client invoice balances online via our client portal.

Technologies We Work With

  • Platforms
  • Monitoring tools
  • Containerization
  • Infrastructure automation
  • CI/CD tools
  • Clouds
  • Back-end programming languages
  • Front end programming languages
  • Mobile
  • Databases / data storages
  • Cloud databases, warehouses and storage
  • IT Outsourcing

Our Client Comes First

Optimizing workflow process
Streamline your clinical workflows from patient admittance to insurance settlements to achieve faster decision-making, lower the costs, and deliver personalized care.
Boost business growth
Automate your marketing efforts to dramatically increase outreach to communities, attract new patients to your practice, and convert them into loyal customers.
Managing risks
Ensure security standard compliance and safeguard confidential health data from malicious attacks and system malfunctions, regardless of the devices and integrations used.
Promoting interoperability
Organize seamless data transfer between departments and with third-party systems to achieve 100% visibility into the care journey.
Tailoring custom approach
Our custom solutions are adapted to caregivers’ challenges and goals, supporting the outstanding care they provide to their patients.

Working with NASCI, you can start from smaller improvements, get the first results, assess their impact on your healthcare organization’s processes, and then proceed with a project. Our team is ready to design and develop a high-quality healthcare application to improve the delivery of medical care and increase patient and employee satisfaction.

Our Healthcare IT Expertise

Remote Care

• Remote Chronic and Emergency Care
• Telemedicine video conferencing solutions
• Store-and-forward systems
• Patient-generated data solutions
• Highly usable healthcare apps
• Remote patient monitoring solutions

Personalized Medicine

• Improving patient outcomes with AI-driven healthcare
• AI-based data modeling, normalization and duplications
• Smart AI solutions to empower triage decisions
• Accurate patient risk assessment
• Tailored treatment recommendations
• AI-powered personal health companies

Workflow Automation

• Intelligent Clinical Workflow Automation Process
• Medical software, including EMR, EHR, PHM solutions
• Lab information systems
• E-prescriptions
• Interactive patient portals
• Hospital asset tracking
• Revenue cycle management

Smart Hospitals

• Ushering in the smart hospitals the future
• Comprehensive health profiles in the cloud
• ML-driven computer vision for diagnostics
• Autonomous patient monitoring
• VR-assisted rehab
• AR-based surgical training

Data-driven Decision

• Expert data-driven decision making
• Comprehensive healthcare data management
• 360 degrees reporting and holistic patient view
• Tailored healthcare BI solutions
• Powerful interactive dashboards
• Intuitive data visualization for every stakeholder


• Seamless, across board integration
• Building PCI-complaint payment integrations
• Connecting telehealth solutions and remote care platforms
• Optimizing legacy system interoperability
• Ensuring HL7’S FHIR compliance
• Covering PMS, LIS, pharmacies, insurance carries and more

IOHT Solutions

• A smarter care journey
• IoT-backed remote patient monitoring
• IoT-driven data collection at scale
• Healthcare climate systems and lab software development
• Healthcare solutions for managing population health using specialized devices
• IoT solutions for monitoring and predictive maintenance of medical equipment
• Intelligent rehabilitation devices and gear

Healthcare IT Service Investments

The following factors influence the cost of healthcare IT services:

  • Healthcare IT infrastructure type (cloud, on-premises) and complexity.
  • Scope of healthcare IT infrastructure modernization needs and care digitalization needs (e.g., telehealth applications for patients, digital therapeutics software).
  • Support package (time coverage, number of tickets per month).
  • Service-level objectives.

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