Seamless Sales Solution

Will technology turn on us? The idea of technology becoming the enemy of humankind exists only in science fiction. In reality, technology is nothing if not our ally. The e-commerce boom proved so lucrative that many brick-and-mortar establishments turned to using internet and mobile assistance to drive their sales. And it worked, beautifully. It worked so well that establishments outside of the retail sector began using digital elements to help increase their revenue.

The food and restaurant industry is no exception, although it is not exactly riding the coattails of the e-commerce era. That being said, the major gains in the online restaurant food ordering industry have been made in recent years. While many major online grocery delivery services had already had their heydays by 2001, the food delivery market has been growing exponentially in the last few years. With its current rate of expansion, the global food delivery market size is expected to reach 105 billion Euros by 2020. This level of growth is undeniable, which makes the online side of the food service industry very important indeed.

At NASCI we use technology expertise to Increase your online presence. Our process is an in-depth customer consultation that covers everything from menu planning, marketing analysis to customizable solutions, all with the goal of making your business run more smoothly and profitably. We offer our customers everything they need, in addition to professional services. From a self-service app, to a team of technology experts and designers who will analyze and create your personalized, automated food menu – NASCI brings more to the food and restaurant industries.