Time Attendance, Payroll & Invoicing

Our app is built to help clients (Home Care, LTC Facilities, Retirement Homes, Hospitals) send in shift coverage requests, and care providers (PSWs, RPNs, RNs, Dietary Aides, etc.) are notified via email, text, or call. Our app can also be used for sending group messages. Once a shift is made, it is accepted by an employee/care provider. The employee will receive a notification with their updated schedule. The ERP component of the system allows data to be pushed to the mobile app. The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provides valuable information to users in a timely manner. 

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service and we believe that our app will help you enjoy your healthcare service experience either as a client or healthcare service provider. 

NASCI payroll

So what is the software all about?

Time and Attendance Tracking (T&A)

Employees can accept or decline shift jobs and can punch in their attendance at the location of work to confirm early or late arrival

The app has geolocation features that track and keep records of employees’ locations and activities. If the employee fails to punch in at a location, a notification is sent to their managers or schedulers

The records of activities are transferred into the system report and analytics features for decision-making by the employer

Attendance Punching-Intuitive web check-in and check-out with the accurate time

You can add the employee (new/or returning) with all the details & assign the shift to the employee

We integrate the app with bio-metric devices, your employee can punch their attendance through bio-metric device & it will be automatically updated with real-time software

You can punch your employee’s attendance manually from the web app itself if you don’t want to integrate a bio-metric machine


Our software calculates payroll by pulling the timesheet data automatically from the T&A database to calculate gross pay, subtracting taxes and other deductions, verifying payroll elements, and paying employees. 


The time and attendance data is used to automatically generate the invoices. The system processes the invoice received, approves them, and make payment for invoices

Our software is developed to allow you to own and control your data. It is characterized by its functionality, portability, integrity, usability, efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and maintainability.