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Business analysis includes an initiative to determine a targeted solution to a specific challenge. We find solutions to business challenges and create opportunities that shape the direction and success of an organization.

With our seasoned team of certified business analysts, we provide direction and guidance on business analysis and help industries manage business solution requirements by making viable changes to improve the organization. We support clients to reduce cost of business operations by increasing their ROI and lowering project costs.

We use the best Business Analysis practices for software development to bridge the gap between the business needs and the IT department

  • System analysis
  • Solution vision
  • Requirements description
  • Precise project estimation
  • Release planning


Must-Have Elements of Discovery Phase of Projects

Industry Analysis
When developing a product, it is important to take into consideration features of the industry where the product will be applied. Rules that work for one industry will not always work in the other. At the Discovery Phase, study of your industry specific business processes allows implementation of the best practices and tools.
Competitor Analysis
One of the major areas of business analysis services is the research of your competitors, weak spots in their products, and improvements that can be implemented in your product to get a competitive advantage.
Technical Research
There are no two identical projects and each product includes certain business and technical requirements that must be taken into account at the very early stages of development. The result of the Discovery Phase of the project will be a list of recommended technologies and frameworks to use.
Technical Documentation
Tech specification is a crucial part of a project. The success and on-time completion of the project as well as its future development highly depends on how thoroughly the project is clarified and described, how correctly it is reflected in the technical specification.

Our Business Analysis Services

The Business Analysis Stage is a groundwork for every software development project. It is carried out by a Business Analyst and helps to reveal the project potential and estimate possible risks and assumptions, as well as to find the best technical solution and insights for the project implementation. That is what business analysis services are for. It is the first stage of every software development process, the value of which you cannot overstate.

Requirements Definition And Clarification
Capturing the right requirements at the Discovery Phase builds a solid foundation for its future success.
• Industry & competitor analysis
• Technical research
• Analysis
• Specification
User Interface Design At The Highest Level
Working out the most efficient user flow patterns to ensure the target actions are completed easily by each type of user.
• Information architecture (IA)
• Wireframes of major pages
• Reports
Prototyping And Proof-of-concept Work
Business analysts help to evaluate the potential and value of the future application to satisfy business needs and meet all business requirements.
• UI prototype
• System prototype
• Detailed mockups
Documentation & Estimation
All results of the Business Analysis Services will be recorded in one document - Requirements Specification (SRS) which includes
• Software requirements analysis
• Project risk assessment
• Feature list and mockups
• Implementation budget and deadline

Our Business Analysis Services Results

• Document describing the project and its project boundaries
• Project requirements specification
• Technical specification and requirements
• Use case model
• User stories
• User Interface Prototypes
• Project estimation and timeline
If you want to be sure that all the wishes for the future software product are taken into account and structured competently, you need a business analysis and we can do this for you. Our IT Business Analysts take you through the business analysis stages, after which you can already turn to product development without the risk of remaining incomprehensible or breaking deadlines! You can find our portfolio projects for business analysis below.
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